About Me

I fell in love with words when I first learned to scribble shapes on paper and learned that those shapes could create meaning. I spent my childhood reading entirely too much, and found a home in fantasy novels, then another in science fiction and graphic novels, and then another in the magical realism genre.

In addition to writing, I enjoy being outdoors (sailing tall ships, hiking, backpacking, and camping) as well as dabbling in painting, sewing, and whatever other art form strikes my fancy in the moment (I'm a big dabbler).

I graduated from the Orange County High School of the Arts as a student in the Drama department. I left with a completely unrelated award for excellence in Mythology and Composition.

I went on to attend Fullerton College, and (after changing my major about six times) left with Associate's degrees in Liberal Arts and English, as well as the William T. Boyce Creative Non-Fiction Award.

I currently live in Southern California with my husband, Jay (a professional sailor) and our Siamese cat, Inara.